Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 79 -- Now We're Really Camping

A few months ago, I mentioned that I thought that renovating was my camping. Now, I'm sure of it. When we came home tonight, we walked downstairs, flipped on the switch in the hall and.....nothing. Hmm...that's weird. They must have the breaker off since they were framing in the ceiling around the ducts. Nope. Breakers are all on. Oh, well, don't need that light anyway. Lets go in the TV room...flip....nothing. Oh great. The whole basement is without power. Darker than a sack, Dad, you know.
Izzypop, of course loves it. What kid doesn't? I remember as a kid I loved it when the power went out and we broke out the candles and played card games. Luckily, it was about time for bed anyway. Iz of course, loved the prayers by candle light. Now when the power goes out, it only reminds me how much I rely on it and how unnatural it seems without it. It feels like I'm missing my right arm. I find myself thinking: "Oh well, I'll just turn on a lamp and read a book...wait, no." and "Since the TV isn't working, I'll just plug in the mini DVD player...uh, no, not that either".
Even tonight, I booted up my computer thinking, "I've got enough battery to blog tonight." But alas, I logged on only to find that I couldn't connect to the internet because my modem is plugged into an outlet that doesn't work. D'oh!!! So how, you ask am I blogging now? Aha! The power is working on the main floor, so I've run the mega long heavy duty extension cord that the construction workers are using from there down to my TV room. Ahhhhhh.....sweet, sweet electricity. I feel much better now that I've got my fix.

Please excuse the quality of tonight's pictures...It's the best I could do in the dark with my crappy flash. Today, they framed in the ceiling and the plumbing that is running upstairs.

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