Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 76 -- Construction Faeries

I haven't seen a construction worker in a few days now. They get here after I leave for work and are gone by the time I get home. It's starting to feel a bit like I have construction faeries that sneakily come and do work when I'm not around. Today the faeries finished the first coat of mud and tape on most of the upstairs. The only thing left, it looks, are the outer corners.

They must have brought some cleaning faeries with them, because the back patio was swept and organized. The balcony was also cleared off and swept clean. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the little things like this. It's pretty hard living in chaos for any extended period of time. Just a little bit of cleanliness is such a relief! Now if I could just find myself some cobbler elves.

N.B. The comments expressed in this post are solely the ramblings of my brain and should in no way be taken as an attempt to question the manhood of anyone working on this house. :)

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