Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 66 -- My Family ROCKS!

Seriously. My family is awesome. And not a little bit crazy. I asked my mom, dad and not-so-little brother to come up and help us move some things around so that we could get our couch, dresser and chair off of the floor in the dining room. I just figured we'd move some of the smaller stuff out of the garage and then put the big stuff in there for the time should take a couple hours, tops. Right.....You should know that this isn't really the way we work in my family. If you're gonna go...go big. We decided, instead, to get a jump start on "Phase 2" of our renovation. "Phase 1" is putting the second floor on. "Phase 2" is remodeling the kitchen. We'd have to start "Phase 2" by taking down the wall between the kitchen and our old master bedroom. This is the wall that the refrigerator and a couple cabinets are on. Our logic (I use the term loosely) in starting this was that if we took down the wall, we could use the space in what was our master bedroom to put the furniture instead of having to move it out to the garage. It also would allow me to actually open the refrigerator all the way...something I haven't been able to do in more than a month. So, being crazy, we went for it. First things first, order pizza. It was the least I could do in payment for their services. Next, we yanked the lath and plaster from the wall on the bedroom side.

Then Layne broke out the sawzall and got down to serious business. We pulled out the fridge, took down the cabinets and pulled the entire wall down. We had some issues with the wiring. What a pain. But everything is now working as before.

The end result was impressive. We were able to get all of the furniture into the old master bedroom, move the cabinets and fridge against the north wall and now I have room to not only open the fridge all the way, but I can also walk around in the kitchen without having to turn sideways. It's awesome. I'm so lucky to have a family that will work so hard just to make my life a little bit easier. Thanks you guys. I love you.

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Andie said...

I love that the solution was to tear out walls. I just cannot think of any inconvenience I have ever had, in which a reasonable solution would be to call my family to bring a saws all and tear down walls. I love that this was not only reasonable, but practical in your set of circumstances.

Can't wait to see your house all done!