Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 162 -- Phase I Complete

Well today, Phase I officially came to a close. By Phase I, I mean that DAYT finished the last items on their to do list from the original contract -- some shingles on the new roof had to be replaced because they were damaged during painting and a new doorbell was installed since our original one was destroyed when they tore the roof off. It plays the Westminster chimes -- pretty swanky if you ask me. I'm used to a good old-fashioned BBBBUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! The new doorbell might actually put me to sleep.

Things have been really crazy around here so nothing really has happened in the last couple weeks. The light and the drapes in the dining room have gone up. But more importantly -- according to Brian -- the busts and some of the books are back up in the front room. I think Brian may love those busts more than the other kind.......well, maybe not that much.

Next on the list: walnut stairs, October 26th. Then we'll get working on finishing the upper floor.