Sunday, February 23, 2014

Who Knew Vinyl Could Look This Good?

That's right people. We have flooring. And I love it. 

I wanted something that would be totally waterproof for those unexpected floods....let's face it. They happen. This stuff looks really close to the flooring on the main and upper floors, but it's vinyl. They come in planks and click together. We got the Allure click product from Home Depot in black walnut. -- incidentally, don't have Home Depot install it.  They wanted 3x what it cost me to have a local installer do it. 

They are reeeeally dirty right now, so don't judge too harshly :). I couldn't find it in me to clean them when they will just be messed up by the finish carpenter. 

Next step, baseboards, doors and casing. 

The steps are hardwood...not a bad match I think. 

I am starting to have visions of getting this thing finished.  I hope we can keep moving on it.