Saturday, July 28, 2012

Breakfast On The Griddle

This morning we used the griddle for the first time. Eggs over easy and hashbrowns. Also used the new 4 slice toaster for some yummy toast. Izzypop actually ate breakfast...VICTORY!

The list is dwindling.  Here's what's left:
  • Under-cabinet lighting swap
  • Window hardware
  • Custom vent made for hood outlet 
  • Last little bit of touch up paint
  • Clean downstairs
  • Finish moving kitchen items back upstairs
  • Accessorize

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm Checking My List

Over the last few days we've been trying to check the last few items off the To Do List.  Here's some progress:
The exterior of the window has been finished...

the interior of the window has been painted...

...and the shades are now working.

I was tired of the nagging from Brian and took the plastic off of the griddle cover on the range and we got the oven racks in.  Do I smell peanut butter bars in the near future?

I also removed the cardboard and plastic from the front of the fridge.  It's purdy.

Some other things on the list were done too, like fixing the floor transition (below).  I worked my guts out last night trying to get all the remaining painting finished.  I spent 6 1/2 hours painting and cleaning and I am still not quite done.  It feels so good to be this close, though.

So, here's the latest version of the To Do List:
  • Under-cabinet lighting swap
  • Window hardware
  • Put vent cover on range hood outlet
  • Level appliances properly
  • Patch drywall downstairs
  • Last little bit of touch up paint
  • Clean (neverending)
  • Finish moving kitchen items back upstairs
  • Accessorize (NB: We bought a clock to put above the pantry.  I put a battery in it and it ticked so loud, I promptly pulled the battery out and put it back in the box.  That thing is going back to the store!  Annoying!)

Monday, July 16, 2012

The List Is Dwindling

We are almost done.  It is looking so good.  Today James finished caulking the backsplash and put the switchplates on.

I also put the toaster in its rightful place...happy now Brian?

I wish I could give you a better perspective on how good this looks!

I am trying out a new panoramic program.  Some are better than others:

I also spent some time putting our china in the display cabinets.  We need more interesting pieces.  I have a serving bowl on the way.  Our china is Mikasa Gothic Platinum.  You can get it at Bed Bath and Beyond so we're going to start using those 20% off coupons you get in the mail and buy some serving pieces.  I also am going to try and get some plate stands so I can put a few of the plates upright.  It is a work in progress.

There are still a lot of little things left.  We'll get there though.  I think we might be close enough to refinance, anyway, which would be great at these rates!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Breaking It In

We actually cooked on the range today!  What did we cook you ask?  Some gourmet meal worthy of a king?  Not exactly.  Izzypop has been hounding me for days to make some Hamburger Helper.  I know, it seems like sacrilege to even say the words Hamburger and Helper together in this kitchen, but Izzypop does get what she wants most of the time.
The range hood is all installed.  The vent is working and so are the lights.
I really think we will be using this lighting a lot.  It is nice.
In other news, the microwave got put into the cupboard that will be its permanent home.  Out of sight.
The pantry pocket door was painted and installed.  As much as I *love* that pantry...I'm not a fan of looking at everything that is *in* the pantry all the time.  The door helps.

All in all, it was a nice evening.  Sitting down to a home cooked meal together as a family...even if it was Hamburger Helper.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Attempting To Move In

Today James finished grouting the back splash.  I forgot to tell him we wanted grey grout so he used white...sorry Brian.  It still looks great.  I think after tomorrow I might feel like its done enough to start cooking in this kitchen.  That would be awesome.

I started moving our things in.  The first thing I wanted to put away was all our new Pottery Barn Great White dishes.  We bought them on sale and with a gift card months ago and they have been packed away downstairs.  They look pretty good in our white kitchen, don't you think?

I had grandiose plans for how much I'd be able to move into the kitchen tonight.  Those plans were thwarted when I looked out the window and saw the trees blowing furiously in the wind.  I figured I better check on our fence that is close to collapsing.  The fence was fine.  What I did find, though, was that the umbrella on our patio table had blown over and shattered the table top into about a gazillion pieces.  Ugh.  I spent the rest of the evening cleaning that up.  In case you ever wondered, yes, you can vacuum your lawn with a shop vac.  I bet the people walking by thought I was crazy anal retentive.  I quarantined the area with the lawn chairs so Bea doesn't walk all over it tomorrow.  I am sure there are pieces I missed seeing as it was dark by the time I finished for the night.  So much for getting to bed early.  I love home ownership.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Holy Storage Space Batman!

Today the cabinet guys came back to put on the hardware.  I chose some fairly simple knobs and clam shell pulls for the drawers in brushed nickel.

They really finish off the cabinets.  I love 'em.  I can't wait to rip off all the plastic that is protecting the appliances and see how it all looks together.  Don't worry, that microwave will be moving off the counter and into a cabinet.

Since I haven't really been able to open the drawers and cabinets easily, I have avoided cleaning inside them until the final holes were drilled and I had hardware to open them.  I spent over an hour vacuuming and wiping down all the insides and outsides of the cabinets.  Once I was done with that, I went crazy and decided to open every drawer and cabinet just to see how much storage space we'll have.

It reminds me of some spooky scene in a horror film where the woman walks out of the kitchen for 10 seconds and when she comes back in all the drawers and cabinets are open. What's even more scary is that I am going to have to find things to fill these things up. It's gonna take a while.

The best time I had all night was walking through and slamming all the drawers and cabinets and having each one of them close slowly and silently.  So cool.  I hated how our old cabinets doors would slam every time you closed them.  Awesome feature.

Looks like tomorrow will be grout on the backsplash...and more moving in.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Putting Up The Hood

James started to install the range hood today.  They at least got it hung.  The blower has not been installed yet.  This kitchen almost looks finished.

They had to put another hole in our perfectly good wall.  Will the north side of our house ever see some relief?

Here's the view from our dining room.  Pretty snazzy, huh?

Here's a list of remaining items I can think of:
  • Finish installing hood
  • Finish tile backsplash
  • Grout backsplash
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Undercabinet lighting swap
  • Install pocket door
  • Caulking
  • Finish outside of window
  • Prime window
  • Paint window
  • Finish painting pantry
  • Paint trim on pantry door and south walls
  • Patch drywall downstairs
  • Touch-up paint
  • CLEAN!!!
  • Fill up the cabinets
  • Accessorize
Now that I write it all down, it seems like a lot.  Maybe this wasn't such a good idea :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What A Patriot

Our contractor, James, selflessly came by today and worked on the backsplash. It looks so much better already.  Thanks James for working on a holiday...and thanks Liz for letting him!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Backsplash Day 1

James started the backsplash today. Looks great.  It will make such a difference.  One thing I have come to realize is that I hate the under counter lighting.  It is too blue.  It looks like a labratory when they are on.  They make the LED lights in cool white and warm white.  I am assuming this is the cool.  James is going to see if the cabinet guys have a warm white and ask them to swap it out.  Let's hope they do.  Otherwise, I will have undercabinet lighting that I will never use :(.

It's time for another periodic sunset shot from the balcony.  All the fires around here have made for some pretty spectacular sunsets...and some scratchy throats.  This photo is unaltered.