Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm Checking My List

Over the last few days we've been trying to check the last few items off the To Do List.  Here's some progress:
The exterior of the window has been finished...

the interior of the window has been painted...

...and the shades are now working.

I was tired of the nagging from Brian and took the plastic off of the griddle cover on the range and we got the oven racks in.  Do I smell peanut butter bars in the near future?

I also removed the cardboard and plastic from the front of the fridge.  It's purdy.

Some other things on the list were done too, like fixing the floor transition (below).  I worked my guts out last night trying to get all the remaining painting finished.  I spent 6 1/2 hours painting and cleaning and I am still not quite done.  It feels so good to be this close, though.

So, here's the latest version of the To Do List:
  • Under-cabinet lighting swap
  • Window hardware
  • Put vent cover on range hood outlet
  • Level appliances properly
  • Patch drywall downstairs
  • Last little bit of touch up paint
  • Clean (neverending)
  • Finish moving kitchen items back upstairs
  • Accessorize (NB: We bought a clock to put above the pantry.  I put a battery in it and it ticked so loud, I promptly pulled the battery out and put it back in the box.  That thing is going back to the store!  Annoying!)

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