Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Attempting To Move In

Today James finished grouting the back splash.  I forgot to tell him we wanted grey grout so he used white...sorry Brian.  It still looks great.  I think after tomorrow I might feel like its done enough to start cooking in this kitchen.  That would be awesome.

I started moving our things in.  The first thing I wanted to put away was all our new Pottery Barn Great White dishes.  We bought them on sale and with a gift card months ago and they have been packed away downstairs.  They look pretty good in our white kitchen, don't you think?

I had grandiose plans for how much I'd be able to move into the kitchen tonight.  Those plans were thwarted when I looked out the window and saw the trees blowing furiously in the wind.  I figured I better check on our fence that is close to collapsing.  The fence was fine.  What I did find, though, was that the umbrella on our patio table had blown over and shattered the table top into about a gazillion pieces.  Ugh.  I spent the rest of the evening cleaning that up.  In case you ever wondered, yes, you can vacuum your lawn with a shop vac.  I bet the people walking by thought I was crazy anal retentive.  I quarantined the area with the lawn chairs so Bea doesn't walk all over it tomorrow.  I am sure there are pieces I missed seeing as it was dark by the time I finished for the night.  So much for getting to bed early.  I love home ownership.

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