Saturday, July 14, 2012

Breaking It In

We actually cooked on the range today!  What did we cook you ask?  Some gourmet meal worthy of a king?  Not exactly.  Izzypop has been hounding me for days to make some Hamburger Helper.  I know, it seems like sacrilege to even say the words Hamburger and Helper together in this kitchen, but Izzypop does get what she wants most of the time.
The range hood is all installed.  The vent is working and so are the lights.
I really think we will be using this lighting a lot.  It is nice.
In other news, the microwave got put into the cupboard that will be its permanent home.  Out of sight.
The pantry pocket door was painted and installed.  As much as I *love* that pantry...I'm not a fan of looking at everything that is *in* the pantry all the time.  The door helps.

All in all, it was a nice evening.  Sitting down to a home cooked meal together as a family...even if it was Hamburger Helper.

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