Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 85 -- The Dustbowl

I cannot believe how much dust there is around this place all the time. It doesn't matter how much I clean or if I mask off a room. There is dust everywhere. Today they started sanding the final coat of mud on the drywall on the main floor. They've decided not to finish the floors until after they finish painting and putting up the crown moulding and baseboards...a good idea, I think.

They also put the new tile hearth down today. Luckily, they were able to find the exact same tile that we used before. They could only find 18 in ones though, so I made them cut them down to 12. I know, I'm too picky. But it looks just like before. Remember, they had to rip up the tiles because the new hardwood floor was about 1/2 inch higher than our old hardwood.

They also ripped down the bricks that they put up over the door. They did this for two reasons: 1) they didn't do a great job in the first place. When you stood underneath it, it felt as if they were going to fall on you. 2) they needed to rewire the light to hang from the center of the overhang.

We're hoping for a better job the second go round.

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