Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 65 -- Insulation

We are so happy with the progress they made today. They really kicked butt. This morning it looked unlikely that we would get the hole in the basement poured. I was hopeful that the dirt hill would at least be removed, but when I came home, it was totally done. What a relief! Now we can move some stuff back in from the garage. It was even wet enough for Liz and I to have some fun. What good is a major renovation if you can't put your hands in some concrete? Funny, I think I've got a bit on my mind. I just barely realized that I put 2008 instead of 2009. I'm losing it.

The biggest change of the day was insulation. You can really see the shape of the rooms better. We went with blown-in fiberglass insulation. When they install it, they first staple a thin fabric over the walls. Then the cut a small hole in each cavity and blow the insulation in until it's tightly packed. They did this for the whole upstairs (both ceilings and exterior walls). We also opted to put the insulation in the walls of our bedroom and closet for a little soundproofing.

Here's a better shot of the closet. I think the only thing that went wrong today was that they put insulation over the brick from the chimney that we wanted to leave exposed. I haven't talked to Brad yet, but I'm guessing it won't be a big deal to take it out again.

The master closet seems much bigger than I thought it would. Maybe it won't seem so big once the closet system is in, but I hope not. I think it's at least 10 times bigger than any closet we've ever had. I'm going to need to go buy more shoes!

The only thing on our list that didn't get done -- and it was way down on the list -- was the water pipe that is running right through the stairway. I'm short enough that usually it's not a big deal for me, but even I have cracked my head on it a couple times. Lizzy, for one, will miss it, I'm sure.

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