Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 71 -- Hanging Out To Drywall

Quite a bit of drywall got hung today. Here's a panoramic of the smaller of the two kids bedrooms:

And here's one of the larger of the two bedrooms:

And of course, the master bedroom:

Here are a couple more of the master bedroom. The ceilings are going to be pretty funky with tons of angles. It will be cool, though. Definitely not boring!

Here are a couple better ones of the closet area:

They also finished drywalling the small bath as well. Notice the two different colors of sheet rock. The shower area requires a special type of drywall to protect against moisture.

They still need to finish the walls in the master bedroom, the master bath and the hall areas in both the upper and main floors. They should be done hanging the drywall tomorrow and will start mudding and taping either on Saturday or Monday. The goal is to be done mudding and taping most of the house by next weekend so they can start painting the main floor and finishing the walnut floors.

I also made a slight change to the plan and had them put three canned lights in the mudroom area. There was no way a single pendant light was going to give us what we needed in that area.

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