Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 73 -- Whoa! Walls!

We stayed at grandma's last night so we didn't get to see the progress from yesterday until today. When we walked in the door, the first thing Izzypop (who just turned 3 a couple weeks ago) said was "Whoa! Walls!" I agree. The space does look a lot different now. It feels like we're getting close. Yesterday they got almost all of the drywall hung for the whole house. The upstairs is finished. Here's the master bedroom and bathroom:

And the hallway:

Here's a few more of the master bedroom from different angles:

One thing that totally feels different is the drywalled hallway and mudroom areas:

They also put the drywall up over the posts in the walls on the main floor. Monday should be a day full of mud and tape! One step closer to getting back to normal.

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