Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 56 -- Small Sense of Normalcy

This is the mess we've been looking at for the last 8 weeks. This is where we've slept, ate, and hung out. We found out today that we didn't need to put a new post in the wall in this room, so we were able to move the furniture back to where it was before. The shelves that were originally in the bathroom, were put back, the entertainment center went back against the wall, and I was able to unpack 3 boxes from the garage. Now, to you all out there, that sounds like a pretty minuscule accomplishment, but to me, it was a small sense of normalcy that was most welcome. There is still a lot in the garage, but we were able to clear out the stuff in the toy room and move all of it under the new stairs. I cannot believe how much stuff we were able to pack in there! We are really going to make good use of that storage space.

Now for the progress. Yesterday, they put all the posts in the walls and did quite a bit of final framing. The framing inspection is scheduled for tomorrow...cross your fingers. As soon as we get the OK, we can start plastering the walls and really start putting this place back together.

Yesterday also included more soffit work and shakes on the south side (which they also want to wait to finish until after the framing inspection).

Today all the new electrical for the upstairs has been tied into the breaker box. They also started running the HVAC vents. Tomorrow they should finish the HVAC (or at least knock most of it out) including 2 new furnaces (one upstairs and one down) and one new AC.

What may be the last of the demolition (with any luck) happened today. They had to dig another hole the entire length of the old toy room in order to tie in the plumbing to the sewer main and run it to the upstairs. Tomorrow, they should run the pipes and we may be able to start moving stuff back into this room by Sunday.

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