Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 77 -- Pick A Color, Any Color

Okay, so they've asked us to pick an exterior color. They gave us this. Now, I appreciate having a variety of choices, but when I say variety, I didn't mean the whole color spectrum. Well, we know we want some sort of tan color, so let's narrow it down that much.

This is only one of the several sections of "tan". Ugh. We went through several iterations of "this one is too yellow", "this one is too dark", "this one looks like poo", and "I can't even tell the difference between these two".

I took them outside in the sun and held them up against the house, trying to imagine what they would look like. In the sun, most of them looked exactly the same...which made me feel better. At least if I chose the wrong color, there was a good chance it would look like the right one anyway. We chose "Knott".

They were able to install the deck drain system today. There is a PVC pipe that runs from the corner of the balcony floor, through the floor joists under the master closet and out the south side of the house. I believe this pipe will run directly into the rain gutter.

They also did another coat of mud and put up the metal outside corner supports. I love the finished edge of the dormers. It's starting to look almost finished!....Almost.

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