Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 24 -- Our Big Blue House

Sorry Patrick, after today, we're definitely not going with blue. The forecast doesn't look so good for this weekend so they spent most of the evening tarping up the house into a big tent. It got me thinking...I think that renovating is my camping. Most people really like camping. I think it's okay. I'd rather spend my time in a nice hotel. But sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the basement, living under a big blue tent, dirt and dust everywhere. It's almost like camping and I don't mind it at fact, I'm loving it. Seeing the progress every day is exciting, even when they're ripping out walls. I thought I'd be more stressed.

Don't get me wrong, I freaked out during the flood. I also had my first "that's-not-the-way-I-wanted-it!" moment last night when we started talking about how the stairs were going to be built. But all in all, I'm having fun. Brian is tired of it. I'm sure I'll be tired of it in a month...I'm not Les Stroud.

Here's a pic from inside our tent. They've started framing out the dormers that will be on the front of the house.


Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

Why does this have me thinking of "Perfect Blue Buildings" by Counting Crows? : )

Jenny said...

Yeah, I'd like to "get me a little oblivion", too.