Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 8 -- There's a hole in my basement, dear Liza

Today they started digging the holes in the basement for the new footings. It is amazing how much dust gets everywhere during a renovation. We had to clean all the floors in the whole house just to keep the dust down. This morning we met with Cody from Pella windows and decided on the windows and french doors for the balcony. They are wood with a brown aluminum casing exterior (to match the existing windows).
They also were able to take down the south gable without having to demolish the chimney -- yea! We also got some materials to start framing tomorrow. The goal is to get the framing ready for the bond beam tomorrow, have the bond beam and footings poured on Friday so they can cure over the weekend and then start framing the addition on Tuesday. I can't believe how fast these guys are moving! And they are being extra, extra accommodating to help us stay living here while all this is going on.

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