Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 21 -- A Brand New Day

Well, today I felt a little better when I woke up. As long as DAYT will repair the damage, there's no need to worry. But it's going to get worse before it gets better I'm afraid. They took down all the crown moulding and the baseboards in the front room, dining room and hallway today. It looks like they will have to replace the floors instead of refinishing them. So I guess new floors is a silver lining in all this. But it felt like everything we have done to make this house look nice was totally undone today. We were pretty proud of that crown moulding and the floors that we refinished.

The progress that was made today included putting up the east wall as well as the south wall on one side of the chimney. They also got the canned lighting replaced in the front room. One major victory was that they fixed the sprinklers that they broke a few weeks ago. Our lawn might not die after all!

As you can see, they're being much more cautious with the tarps now. :)

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Andie said...

YOu've GOT to be kidding! The floors and molding you worked on yourselves. Oh NO!