Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 7 -- Was that supposed to happen?

I came home today and when I saw the progress, my first thought was "Was that supposed to happen?" The front gable over the door is now gone...it's not supposed to be. We're guessing that they had to take it down in preparation for the bond beam to be poured.

I just wasn't expecting it. We have enough bricks from the demolished gables that it won't be a big deal to rebuild it. The east gable came down today as well as the chimney in the center of the house.

I climbed up on the roof of the back porch to get a view from above. I can already tell that our view from our balcony is going to be pretty cool. I can't believe how much progress DAYT has made in one week!

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Jenny said...

We confirmed that they took down the front gable because the pitch is changing and it was going to be easier to take the whole thing down and rebuild it than to get the pitch right by removing single bricks.