Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 22 -- A Moral Victory

We have walls! I can't believe how much the guys from Badger have gotten done today. These guys work nonstop! They were here at 6:30 this morning and they left at 8:30 PM. They got the northern wall done as you can see here. Plus, they got most of the southern and eastern walls done. I was able to get up on the roof and walk around for the first time today. It was pretty cool to be able to say "our bedroom goes here" and "the balcony will be here", etc.

The biggest victory of the day was that the last green awning came down. It really brightened our day...literally and figuratively. We needed a moral victory like that after this weekend. Brian and I watched "The Money Pit" last night and Brian has decided that he wants his tombstone to say "Here lies Brian Bennion. He bought a house and it killed him." I about died laughing during the scene where they are laying on a mattress on the floor and it starts to rain in their bedroom.
They also cleaned up the lawn quite a bit, which I'm sure our neighbors appreciate. Brian was able to mow the lawn and it made a big difference. It doesn't look half bad considering most of the house is missing.

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