Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 15 -- The "Problem"

Well, Badger wasn't able to install all the joists last night because they ran into some discrepancies with the plans. Apparently we have an extra foot coming from somewhere. That's right, we have an extra foot that wasn't accounted for in the floorplan. So, it looks like our master bathroom is going to be an extra foot longer and the kids rooms will each get another 6". Pretty sweet, huh? Another bit of good news is that they won't have to put the post in the kitchen wall that was going to require us to take down a cabinet, cut our countertops in half and remove our dishwasher and backsplash. Awesome. The bad news was that the plumber and electrician had to be postponed today because of the joist "problem". Another item that on one hand was a little scary, but on the other, kind of liberating: I wrote an almost $40,000 check today, by far the largets amount I've ever written.

Badger is working overtime right now to get the joists in ASAP. Brian snapped a few good pics.

BTW, for any of you who have tried to comment on the blog and couldn't, I think I have fixed the problem. Please try again, we'd love to hear your comments.


Mr. Condescending said...

wow it looks like its coming along great!

ryan orr said...

Looks great, Gonna be nice when it's done.
Love dad

Andie said...

Looking good. And you've managed to stave off the rain as well.