Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 13 -- Pump it, Pump it

Okay, first of all, Andrea and Layne both wanted more detail on what's going on in the kitchen. I guess I should have made it clear that we don't have a roof, but we still have a ceiling. The most damage that has been done to the kitchen is that the canned lighting is starting to pop out. So as far as cooking and things go, the kitchen is still perfectly equipped for it. The problem is that for the past few days, our AC has been disconnected. 84 degree weather and no AC is not conducive to cooking. We've done pizza, Chinese, Olive Garden and today we went to Leatherby's.....mmmmm.....chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

As far as the work today goes, they kicked butt! We had a ton of people here today. They were able to finish framing out the bond beam mold in time for the city inspector to come by and not only inspect the mold, but also the footing holes in the basement. Then the pump truck showed up. I've never seen a pump truck, so maybe they're all this big, but this thing dwarfed our already tiny house.

They pumped the concrete into the basement to finish both footings and also finished the bond beam today. We really have to hand it to DAYT, D-Construct, and Badger Construction for all the great work they've done so far and so fast. I hope they can keep working as fast this week -- there's a chance of rain on Friday.

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