Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 14 -- Beginning of the Build Up

No pics today. I know, I know, boring! Sorry. Today was the first day that we really felt like we're starting to build rather than demolish. The electrician came by and cut and labelled all the existing wires to make room for the floor joists. Since the wires are cut, we have no power upstairs. Badger stayed late and installed all the floor joists today so that they can reconnect the wires tomorrow....which, by the way, we were totally impressed with. We also decided to add canned lighting to the front room while they have easy access. Looks like those will go in tomorrow. It'll be nice to have some real lighting in there. The last thing that got done today was the order was put in for our windows. We're hoping for delivery around June 12th.

I also got some questions today about what happened with the plumbing right in the middle of the footing. When the inspector was here, he told us all we had to do was put a sleeve around the pipe and we could pour the concrete all the way around it. So that turned out better than we expected.

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