Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 11 -- Opinion Poll: Exterior Colors

Saturday: no work today. Brian and I were thinking about exterior paint colors, though. We really like the initial drawings that RDC did. This is pretty close to what the final plan will look like from the North. The brick stays the existing color, the new siding and shakes are tan, the windows are brown and the window trim and other trim is white. The roof shingles are a brown similar to what we have now. This is the color pallette we're thinking about. The only other alternative I'm thinking of is a lighter yellow for the siding and shakes. Anyone out there have any other ideas?


Andie said...

Well you known I'm ALL for a red front door! Also, could we get a post on the kitchen situation. What are you eating, and HOW are you cooking it?

GevaudenIV said...

I think that sticking to the drawing would be awesome! It seems perfect! I also agree with Andie, eating out alot more or what?:)

Anonymous said...

Blue, no yellow!