Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 0

Tuesday May 5, Day 0. Yes, Day 0. I'm a software developer -- everything is 0-based. In preparation for the demolition scheduled to start Wednesday, we had to clear everything out of the rooms that will be affected. We are eliminating our current master bedroom to make way for the staircase to the new second story. As a result, our interim master bedroom leaves a lot to be desired. We're moving into our family room for the time being -- at least there's a big screen TV. After meeting with DAYT, we're encouraged that it won't be too long. Our goal is a completion date (to sheetrock) of August 1.

In the meantime, we're having to move a few things around. We had to clear out 4 of the 6 major rooms in our house. The office has become a storage unit. I was amazed at a) how much crap we actually have and b) how much of it we were able to fit in there. Once the prep work is done in the living room and dining room, we'll be able to start clearing some of this out.

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GevaudenIV said...

Hey Guys!
Im so excited to see this project begin! If I may be of assistance in any way, just give me a call! And you have inspired me to start a blog about our recording studio! Love ya guys!