Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 49 -- Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

... a chimney, that is. The masons came today and extended the chimney. We saved a lot of bricks from the gables that we tore down so that they could use bricks that matched the house exactly. I'm impressed with how good it looks. You can't even tell it's a new addition. I also wasn't expecting it to go as high, but I really like it. I wasn't smart enough to get a good before picture, but here you can see where the roof lines were during framing.

And here is the finished product from today.

More exterior work was done today. The siding was finished on the back gable and the shingles were put on the eaves on the sides of the house. I really like the look of the trim around the windows.

Not much went on inside the house today. They're still nailing down the details with the posts that are supposed to go in the walls as well as all the plumbing and HVAC stuff. Hopefully we'll see more interior progress tomorrow.

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Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

It's my observation that interiors take longer than exteriors - I reckon that's because there are fewer things that can be pipelined.

But it looks great - if you get sick of looking at the inside, just step outside and look up - or go check out the view from the balcony!