Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 42 -- It's What's On The Ouside That Counts

They have basically finished the interior framing aside from a couple smaller items so they started on finishing the exterior. They finished framing in the eaves on the south side and now they're working on the north side...I fully expect them to be done with the north side by the time they leave tonight...I know you've heard it before, but I'll say it again.... These guys are awesome!!!
I am loving how it is looking. Also, it's nice to have it start looking the way it is designed in the plans. I'm sure our neighbors have said "I hope they're not leaving it like that." many times.
We started talking about siding today. We'll be using fiber cement board siding. Looking at the house from the side, there will be regular looking siding in the apex and there will be siding that looks like cedar shingles on the dormered out part. The front dormers and deck will have the shingled siding as well. It sounds like the fascia and soffit will be installed over the next couple of days.
I also realized that I haven't shown a picture looking out the new window in the back of the house at the top of the stairs. I love that it overlooks most of the backyard. The view pales in comparison to the front yard view, but I think in the winter we'll be able to see the Wasatch mountains.
Today we met with DAYT again for another walkthrough. I wrote out a $45000 check...ugh. I just keep telling myself that it will be well worth it.
One bummer from the day is that the door to the master closet has to be moved in a way that will kinda mess up the plan for the organization in there. No's still going to be loads bigger than what we are used to. Another bummer is that we found that the furnace that will be installed upstairs will take up almost the whole linen closet. We're going to have to find space for that kind of stuff elsewhere....maybe our closet? :)
One great thing that came from talking to Matt today is that we may have found some extra money in the budget that Brian and I were not aware of. Things like the plumbing and electrical estimates includes some allowance for fixtures which we were thinking would be in the finish materials (which we elected to do ourselves). This may allow us to do more now than we had planned. Also, there were a couple line items that we're not doing altogether. Any day you find money is a great day.

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The Universe, it seems, has a way of dealing with "found money".