Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 40 -- Windows and Walls

Quite a bit got done today. The framing is really coming together. In fact, they think they'll be done framing the upstairs by tomorrow -- holy cow! It's so cool to be able to finally see how big the rooms will really be. I was worried that some of them would feel too small, but I don't think that at all now. One of the bedrooms is going to have to be shrunk by about a foot and the other one will be a little bit bigger. We had to do that because one of the windows can't move over because it is right against the ridge of the main apex on the south side. Here's a picture of what's been framed so far from the corner of our bedroom. From left to right, you see our master bath, the doorway to our room, one of the kids' room, and finally, the master closet.

Here's one from the end of the hall at the top of the stairs. At the left you see the hallway going down to our room. Going right from there, you see the stairway, the master bathroom and finally the kids' bathroom.

Almost all of the windows were put in today. The only one we're waiting on is the one in the kids bedroom that is getting shrunk (the window has to move as a result). They also haven't installed the french doors in the bedroom.

For those of you wondering what we decided to do with the roof over the porch, we're going to have them extend it as per the plans. I love the way it looks now, but Brian and Ed convinced me that we need the extra length to protect against weather and sun...that door's not the most weatherproof.

The final and probably most amazing development was that it didn't rain all day! Not a drop! The curse has been broken!

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