Thursday, May 24, 2012

What A Difference A Day Makes

Is it possible that Brian could actually have his dream kitchen sometime this century?  Today made me think it just might happen.  They started putting the cabinets in and they got almost the whole kitchen drywalled.  Upper cabinets, mudding and taping along with the remaining drywall will be tomorrow.

Skeeto was thoroughly enjoying the "galley-ality" of this space.  Plenty of room to run.

Here's a better shot of the cabinets around the fridge (no we are not keeping the old one there :) and the lower cabinets along the south wall. 

Here's a little bit better panorama of the room.  The new stainless, counter-depth fridge will go to the right.  The new range and oven will go to the left, the farm house sink and dishwasher will go on the left more toward the back pantry door.  Speaking of which, our old bedroom door looks pretty dang good as the pantry door, don't you think?

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