Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hooked on Uppers

Well, the upper cabinets went in yesterday.  I was pretty sure that it would make the space feel much more enclosed, but it really doesn't.  Brian and I are really pleased.  Here is where the sink and range will go.

And here is where we will put our nicer dishes.  This will be more of a display area so we don't have to keep a curio somewhere.  There will be lighting inside the cabinets from the top.  Also, the shelves that are in there currently are the wrong ones.  They are supposed to be glass.  We'll get those swapped out soon.

Here's a view from the pantry before they had put the doors on.

We still have issues with countertops and flooring.  We're trying to find the right tile for a black and white checkered floor.  There are actually four kinds of black and four kinds of white laying on the floor here.  I think Brian has made his decision...figures it would be the most expensive one...:(

We are planning on white subway tile on the backsplash (the wall to the left).  The pantry door wall and the wall to the right will probably be painted grey.  We're trying to decide whether to make both countertops soapstone or whether to make the one on the left soapstone and the one on the right carrera marble.  I have seen so many kitchens mixing countertop materials that I think it might be pretty cool, but we're still not sure.

Here's a picture of a kitchen with a combination of soapstone and carrera.  Most pictures I find have an island with a different countertop...I haven't found any really great galley kitchen pictures as an example.  Of course, most kitchens aren't galley kitchens anymore.  My brain is hurting from trying to picture our space with a similar finish...I think I need a Mt. Dew.  Any opinions or suggestions are most welcome.

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Mom Orr said...

I think you should us the soapstone on the working surfaces (by sink, stove top, etc. and use the marble where your nice dishes under the display cabinets will go. Seems like that would be a good visual and functional distinction! Just your mom's opinion and opinion only ;o) PS...beautiful!!!