Monday, May 21, 2012

To Have And To Holed

A renovation is kind of like a marriage. There are ups and there are downs. It takes a lot to make it work, but with patience, perseverance and time, you can end up with something pretty great. Something you want to stay in forever. Today was one of the down days. I came home to a helluva lot of holes in my perfectly good walls.  Holes in the kitchen I expect.

But there were holes in the mudroom...

Holes in the basement...

Holes in closets and holes in toy rooms...

Holes means patching and patching means painting. Painting where I wasn't expecting to need paint.  Ugh.'s me trying to focus on the things that will actually get us closer to being done with this....trying to be patient and to work things out:

Obviously from the images above, there was a lot of work done to get the electrical in working order.  Trenches were also ground into the brick walls to prep for outlets along the outer wall.

The original door to our bedroom will now become our pantry door.  I love that we can use this to match the rest of the house.

Even though today was one of those days when I wonder if this is all worth it, I can't be in too foul a mood.  Tomorrow will be 10 years since I married my wonderful, sweetest, most caring husband.  And since he can't possibly wait to exchange gifts until the day of our anniversary, he presented me with these beauties.  Diamonds are definitely, aside from her hubby of 10 years, a girls best friend.  Thank you for the earrings, Brian.  But more importantly thank you for being my One Great Love.  I can't wait to see what kinds of torture we can put this house through during the next 10 years. 

Updated:  Brian gave me some flack about not putting a picture of his gift on the blog, so here it is.

Now I know what you're thinking..."She gets diamonds and he gets a set of old used books that don't even match!?!"  Yes, yes, I think so too.  But to be fair, this is what he wanted.  They are old, true.  And they don't match because it is difficult to find a matching set.  They are the complete set of "The Diaries of George Washington". He has been collecting "The Papers of George Washington".  There are several series and several volumes in each series.  They started printing these books in 1976 and are *still printing new volumes*.  Washington had a lot of papers.  Anyhoo...these were what he wanted.  I know, he's a nerd.  But he's my nerd.  And I am his.  Happy anniversary, love.


Brad said...

Really, all you got were those lousy earrings? You can't read them and thy do not inform concerning the greatest president and American.

Jenny said...

Twin nerd power!