Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Real Progress

Today they started a little sheetrock work to get ready for the cabinet installation.  You really get an idea of what it's going to look like to look in on the dining room and see that view out the cool!

Yesterday the electricians finished up putting in all the boxes.  By the time I thought about it last night, it was too dark to take pictures.  And since we have no light bulbs in those nice new cans and no switches in those nice new boxes, it was impossible to get decent blog pics, so here you have it a day late.

Anyway, the best development of the day was the delivery of our new cabinets!  I can't wait to see them installed.  Our new farmhouse kitchen sink was also delivered, but it has not been taken out of the box yet so more pictures to come on that.  Also, Brian's new appliances were ordered today.  Brian is already dreaming up what we will be cooking with them.

We are having a problem, though.  Countertops and flooring.  Brian insists on soapstone countertops.  There is only one place our contractor can find that has a slab of soapstone...and the slab is not big enough.  He's working real hard on trying too convince Brian they are too high maintainence.  It's not working.  Also, we cannot figure out what to do for flooring.  We hate wood floors in a kitchen...although they look awesome, they're just not practical.  Brian really wants a black and white checkered floor that has a more natural stone look.  It's pretty much impossible to find white natural stone tile.  We just don't know what to do on that front.  All I can do is do what I always do when I am having "decorators block"...To the Internet!  Wish us luck.

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