Friday, May 4, 2012

The Dust Bowl of 2012 -- Deja Vu

I guess you could say that a lot got done today...It might, though, be more accurate to say that more got undone.  The window was put in.  Yay!  We are now fully enclosed.

That was the extent of the building for today.  The rest of the work was demo.  There is nothing left of what was our kitchen.  The cabinets are gone.  The appliances (with the exception of the fridge) are gone.  The ceiling and floors are gone.  The chimney is mostly gone.  The only thing left is the wall.  I think that will be gone tomorrow.  We officially have no kitchen.  We are camping out downstairs in what used to be a mother-in-law apartment.  No stove or dishwasher.  We are roughing it.

Where do we put all this garbage?  Well, normal people would have had a dumpster ready to go for this kind of project.  We don't think that far ahead.  The dumpster will arrive Monday.  Until then, our backyard has become a kitchen graveyard.  I'm sure our neighbors love us.  Last night I heard some funny noises and actually thought..."I hope someone is out there stealing those appliances."  So ghetto.

The one thing I somehow forgot was how much dust gets everywhere when you remodel.  Brian and I spent hours this evening trying to get the dust level back under control.  It was bad.  I still smell dirt.  I can taste it.  In a few weeks after we have cleaned everything another 4 or 5 times, I am sure it will feel like normal.  I bet we will be finding dust for a year, though.

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