Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making Some Headway

Today the floor registers were moved and the plumbing was started.

Also, part of the cement board went down to prep for the tile floor.  Thankfully, we have been able to keep the refridgerator inside.  I can only imagine how crazy I would be if I had had to go out to the garage every morning for the milk.  And to answer Brad's question, this baby is not staying.  We just don't have the room, but we did just buy 3 months worth of freeze dried meals for when He comes.  They take up a lot less room than this fridge.  Here's hoping we have water. :)
We also met with the electrician to go over where all the lights, outlets and switches will be....Check out the mess this guy has to sort out.  I do not envy him.  It's going to be great when it is done, though.  We won't have to worry about our newly remodeled house burning down because of old rickety wiring.

Back at it tomorrow.


Brad said...

Yea, you don't want to have to go outside to get the milk from your fridge on the back portch--very white trash!!

Missletoe said...

Ah! Back-porch milk. Good times. ...well except for when you forget to put the milk away and you realize you are white trash because you are too lazy to put your pants back on.