Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Apparently Size Does Matter

Today Brian ripped out the remaining window and in doing so found a bunch of little surprises and their little larvae babies...Gross! 
After Brian had taken care of that little issue, the masons came back to work on bricking up the old kitchen window and expanding the new kitchen window.  They attempted to contain the dust with this plastic to no avail.  Our house is covered.  Everything is grimy.  They'll be back tomorrow to finish up.  Badger may be by tomorrow for some demo as well.  We will see.

And in other news, Brian got his giant industrial faucet today.  Isn't it awesome?

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Missletoe said...

I think we have a "situation" on our hands. We have been seeing stray carpenter ants. bad. But even worse is that they are in all sorts of places around the house. After seeing your picture, my skin is crawling.