Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It Doesn't Hurt To Ask

They started tearing out the chimney in the basement, which was something I wasn't expecting them to do.  Nevertheless, it was something that we wanted to do eventually, so I'm going to let them.  They took out one wall all the way to the floor in the basement.  The side walls will be coming out soon.

So now there is a pretty good sized hole in the dining room floor.  One big enough for a little Skeeto or Izzypop to fall down.  We're keeping a close eye on those two.

I was really excited about the bookshelf. I loved the idea of our our cookbooks neatly on the shelves and off the counter. I loved it until we tried to put one of our cookbooks on it. The shelves were too close together and only 3 of our cookbooks would actually fit there. Boo. So I fretted and fretted all night long about it. The next morning I called James and asked if there was any way Scott could take out one of the shelves and move the other one to be centered. After all that fretting, the answer was "Sure! He can do anything." And here is the updated shelf with our biggest cookbook looking pretty good on it I would say. I love it again. :)

Brian just couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't stand to see the sink in a box on the porch for another minute. So I came home to this. Our new farmhouse sink unwrapped. I might actually like doing dishes now.......Nah!


Brooke said...

I love apron front sinks! When do we get our tour?

Jenny said...

Hopefully we'll be done in a couple weeks. We would love to have you guys has been too long.

Missletoe said...

I am WAY excited to see the renovation in person! Your cabinets are gorgeous!