Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 328 -- Puppetmasters

Today we cleared out Izzy's old room downstairs and converted it into a playroom. That's right, people. We have a playroom. An actual room with a door that will hopefully help keep the toys confined to one part of the house. Since we started this renovation, her toys have been either packed away or shoved into a spot that wasn't really conducive to playing with them. Now she has them all at her fingertips. When Iz came home, we took her downstairs and she was more than pleased. First thing was first: a puppet show with Daddy.

Then it was time for tea.

After playtime, we worked on her room. We've finally purchased some furniture to complete it. We got this simple little desk off of classifieds for $40 and Brian put a drawer pull on it to match her closet doors. I am seriously considering painting it green or maybe pink. Iz would most definitely prefer pink, but I think green would add a little variety.

The other piece we have been waiting for was delivered today. We got this one off of It's listed as a "man's chest". I've never in my life heard of a "man's chest" -- except for the hairy one. But I thought this was a really different and fun piece. At first, I thought that it had a door that opened outward to reveal the drawers inside, but the door on the front is actually a sliding door. It's a great size for the space and is surprisingly well made. I thought we would have to put it together, but it came fully assembled and is pretty substantial. Poppa Orr had to come up and help Brian haul it upstairs. Thanks Poppa!


The Reading Armadillo said...

Lizzie's room is adorable. We can't get enough of your blog. We just love seeing everything you do with your home! It's inspiring us!

Scullerina said...

NOW that is my kind of man's chest.

I work in the furniture industry and hae never heard of such an item but it is super cool!

I LOVE everything about your home.