Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 318 -- Strippers, Storage and Sashes

Brian has had a busy weekend. Yesterday, he spent most of the day working on this bad boy. This is the door that we used to have in the hallway that is now becoming the kids' bathroom door. It needed a new coat of paint, but since it had a few coats too many already, we couldn't just slap one on. Some heavy duty stripper, a power sander and a few chemical burns later, this is the result. Ready for a shiny new coat of white.

As if this wasn't enough to accomplish for one Saturday, Brian made another trek to IKEA....are we becoming IKEA people??? pick up some simple storage units to help get us organized in the basement. He then spent the remainder of the night transforming the old toy room/walkway into the storage room we always wanted and needed. We'll be able to nicely stack all our food storage and other miscellaneous crap in one location instead of crammed here and there in every nook and cranny we can think of. This is one of the major pluses of this renovation.

The last thing that was done this weekend was that Brian and I put up the drapes, pictures, mirror and other nick-knacks to make the front room complete. This was my favorite room in the house before we started the renovation and it has been a long time coming to get it back to the state that it had been before the fl**d. It has been 95% complete for a long time now and that had kind of started to be a bit of a burr in my side. it was such a relief to see it finally finished. Thank you Brian, I really appreciate you doing this all for me.

Tomorrow is baby day (scheduled anyway). Amid everything else he's been doing, Brian's also been furiously cleaning and helping me get everything ready for our new little boy. We decided to hire some people to finish painting in the hall and the baby's room due to our lack of energy and time. We're hoping it will be finished by the time we are back from the hospital. It's going to be a different house with 2 kids. Probably even more so than with all these renovations.

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