Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 314 -- Getting Organized And Taking Time Out

Over the past week I have had a cold that has turned into a sinus infection and bronchitis so I haven't been blogging. Brian, however, has been working tirelessly on anything that could be done.

One major item on the list was the office. When we started this renovation, it looked like the pic on the right. Lotsa crap shoved in there, oak floors, no paint, no crown, etc. We've had mismatched furniture in there for years and had never really done much with the room. Then the flood happened and it really looked bad. One great thing about the flood, though, was that we got all new floors, paint and crown put in there for free. Below you can see post flood and post paint. Since it has been painted, it rapidly turned into the catch-all room again and looked pretty much exactly like the pic to the right again.

My mom and dad generously gave us bookcases from IKEA as Brian's homecoming gift. Brian put them together and cleaned up the rest of the room (which was no easy task -- especially with his layabout wife staying in bed the whole time). I love the result! We should have done this years ago...then again...the flood wiped out anything we did "years ago" so maybe it's best we waited this long. Mom, Dad, thanks again. You should see how perfect the bookcases look with the "Washington Crossing the Delaware" painting you gave Brian for Christmas. It looks beautiful. We may add some draperies to keep the leather chair from being bleached any further.

Thanks again, Brian for doing all the work and doing it beautifully.

On another note, we have been spending a lot of time upstairs in our new living space. We have hardly gone downstairs at all. The other day, I walked into my room to catch a glimpse of this. Too cute not to post. Iz had climbed up into our dormer window and was taking in the rainy day. She won't be little enough to fit up there for long.

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