Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 304 -- Gotta Love Those Swedes

As I suspected, the minute Brian's plane touched down, he was anxious to get stuff done on the house. Yesterday we made a major shopping trip to IKEA. We got a vanity, sink and medicine cabinet for the kids bath, a shelf for the mudroom and a whole closet system for the master bedroom. Today Brian spent the day getting it all installed perfectly. The whole modern system in an old house idea is, I think, one that works. I think it looks pretty cool especially against the exposed brick. Really, though, I'm just happy to start bringing the rest of our clothing up from the basement. The first pic is taken from the master bedroom; the second is taken from the corner of the closet and the third is taken from sitting on the bench inside the closet.

It's so nice to have a big, strong man around the house again. Thanks, Brian, it's awesome. More to come on the kids bathroom.


Andie said...

I thought..."There is NO way I would or could ever go through what Jenny has been through the past 8 months."


Second best post ever. After Brian getting home.

Scullerina said...

I have closet envy!!!!!!

Don't tell my emplyer but I may have to shop at the competition....IKEA :)