Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 307 -- Breaking in the Bathroom

Callie and Jason came over tonight and Jason hooked up our sink toilet and shower/tub fixtures lickety-split. It would have taken us a lot longer so the expertise was most definitely appreciated. The only issue was that apparently, the previous plumbers hooked up the cold to the hot and the hot to the cold so now we have hot water in our toilet. We'll have to have them come back and remedy that situation.

Izzypop did not seem to care about the toilet situation. She was perfectly happy taking a bath in her new bathroom.

Thanks again, Jason, for the help.


Andie said...

Can we book our arse facial at the Bennion spa before you switch the plumbing.

The House that James Built said...

SEW impressed with everything!! i can't wait to learn to sew, one day. would love to bring you dinner and a baby gift. i'll have james call you when things slow down a bit for us. can't wait to meet you guys! xoxo lizzie