Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 322 -- Nate's Room

Being the awesome dad that he is, Brian busted his butt again today to make sure his new little boy had his very own finished bedroom. He put the white molding up bordering the red, touched up all the paint, put in the hanging rods in the closet, installed the closet handles and (with the help of Uncle Layne) moved all the furniture upstairs to finish off the room. I love the red stripe! The colors all look great with the Goodnight Monkey fabrics in the bedding. We're using Iz's old furniture, but it still looks great.

Here are a few panoramas from different angles in the room:

Here's the room from the hallway as well as the closet. Tomorrow we'll start filling it up.

Nate's already enjoying his new room. Today when I took him in there, it was one of the few times he was wide-eyed and was looking around at all the colors. Thanks Dad and Uncle Layne!!!

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