Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 305 -- One Man Crew

Brian worked tirelessly again today -- this time on the kids bathroom. He got the walls, ceiling and trim primed, and the ceiling and trim all painted with no help from his ginormously pregnant wife (I sat in bed and did our taxes). We also went to Lowes and picked up everything we thought necessary to hook up the toilet, sink and shower. Tomorrow, the goal is to get the paint and medicine cabinet up. Wednesday, my sister's boyfriend Jason -- who happens to be a plumber -- will come up and help us hook everything up right. Trust me, we need expert advice on this one. I am hoping by Wednesday night we'll at least have a working toilet up here. Those stairs 4 times a night are killing me!

Brian also made sure that his little girl was all taken care of. He put in the hanging rods in her closet and took her to Lowes to pick out her very own closet doorknobs. Purple flowers. An excellent choice, Izzypop!

BTW, let me put in a plug for Lowes. We shop there any time we can over Home Depot. The reason is that they give all military members a 10% discount every day. All you have to do is show your military ID. We support them, because they support *US*. Thank you, Lowes.

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