Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Places For Hide And Seek

What little kid doesn't want a new hide and seek spot? Too bad this will soon be filled with fluffy white towels. :) The new vanity obviously has tons of storage space. I'm already planning what I will put where. Brian is waiting anxiously for the day when he will have his own medicine cabinet, his own sink and his own drawer and cupboard. Apparently I am a slob and usurp all the space in the basement bathroom. I can't disagree. In the wise words of Popeye, "I am what I am. Aghk. Aghk. Aghk."

The vanity top went on today and the recessed medicine cabinets were installed. I love how low profile they are. They're pretty big and provide quite a bit of storage, but they keep the room feeling open.

On another note, Brian is a creep. He walked upstairs and was up there for a bit before he yelled down to me, "Um, Jenny, we have a problem. I set the faucet where they are supposed to go and they're so tall the medicine cabinet won't open." As you can see, there is plenty of clearance. Why do I put up with this crap? Oh, yeah. We're soul mates...eternal companions and all that. ;) That reminds me...I wish I was soakin' it up in a hot tub -- my new hot tub.

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