Saturday, April 2, 2011

Plumbing Without The Crack

Last night, Brian and I went to Home Depot and got all the plumbing supplies for the toilet and sinks. A trip to Lowes and two trips to Ace Hardware later we have half a functioning bathroom! Take a look at this beauty. It even has a toilet seat that doesn't slam :). We also swapped out the handle for one that matches the faucets a little better.

We had to install shutoff valves and hook up all the drains and water supply lines. Now we have two matching his and hers sinks. We are totally going to brush our teeth in there tonight!

This is what we will be seeing when we wake up in the morning. Pretty nice, huh? I am loving this! The room I have been planning for two years and it is finally coming together! Not long before the other half will be done.

P.S. I may have fibbed a little when I said "Without the crack." There may have been a little...But not from Brian. :D

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