Thursday, March 3, 2011

Curb Appeal

No, this post is not about exterior paint, pretty shrubbery or a nicely manicured lawn. On the contrary, our exterior has been sorely neglected for the past while. In fact, this is the current state of our porch...or what's left of it. Any day now, it will crumble to bits and be swept away with the wind.

Like dust in the wind, dude.


So are the days of our lives.

Today I'm talking about the shower curb. The beginnings of our new shower started to take shape today. The only mishap was when Jesse, the tiler, hit a water line. :) Apparently, he ran down the stairs faster than anyone Brian had ever seen in search of the water shutoff. Thankfully, Brian was here to point him in the right direction.

I hope this shower will be nice. It should be spacious enough for one person, but ironically, it will be the smallest shower Brian and I have ever had. The biggest shower we have ever had is in the basement and every time I get in there, I have the overwhelming urge to destroy it. If I feel differently about the new shower, we will have succeeded.

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Missletoe said...

Hey... we have the *twinner* crumbling front steps.