Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Update

All last week I was in Orlando, FL while the bathroom was being tiled. Since I wasn't home to see the progress for myself, Brian would periodically send me photos. You're seeing it as I saw it.





Friday -- It's gonna stay that way!!!

Saturday I came home to this in my bedroom. Not exactly a thrilling sight.
However, I came home to this in my bathroom:

I have to admit that, being the control freak that I am, it was a little disconcerting to be away while the room I have dreamed about for 2 years was coming together, but Brian did a great job stepping in to fill the PM role. Maybe I'll delegate more to him in the future. :) LOL!

This week will be grout, wainscot, medicine cabinets and, if we're lucky, paint. I'd like to have it all ready for the sink console that will be delivered next Monday.

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