Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Places For Hide And Seek

What little kid doesn't want a new hide and seek spot? Too bad this will soon be filled with fluffy white towels. :) The new vanity obviously has tons of storage space. I'm already planning what I will put where. Brian is waiting anxiously for the day when he will have his own medicine cabinet, his own sink and his own drawer and cupboard. Apparently I am a slob and usurp all the space in the basement bathroom. I can't disagree. In the wise words of Popeye, "I am what I am. Aghk. Aghk. Aghk."

The vanity top went on today and the recessed medicine cabinets were installed. I love how low profile they are. They're pretty big and provide quite a bit of storage, but they keep the room feeling open.

On another note, Brian is a creep. He walked upstairs and was up there for a bit before he yelled down to me, "Um, Jenny, we have a problem. I set the faucet where they are supposed to go and they're so tall the medicine cabinet won't open." As you can see, there is plenty of clearance. Why do I put up with this crap? Oh, yeah. We're soul mates...eternal companions and all that. ;) That reminds me...I wish I was soakin' it up in a hot tub -- my new hot tub.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Waiting For Superman

This is my Superman. Don't mind him, he's just a little shy. After a horrific week of being sick, Brian doped himself up on ibuprofen and painted the bathroom this weekend. He really is my Superman. I don't know what I would do without him.

Brian did have a little help. I was able to help him for most of the time. Then he had our Supergirl. She was a great help this weekend. She did a great job helping us prime and pretty much staying out of the way. I think she actually had a great time with her babysitter (the TV). She probably wishes every weekend was like this.

First we primed all the walls, the ceiling, plus the wainscotting.

After a few coats of white on the wainscotting, we put a nice green on the walls. Yeah, I know, big surprise, I chose green for my bathroom. Totally predictable. I don't care! I love green!!!

Here's the final product after touching up and taking the blue tape off. The shower looks gray in these pictures, but in person, it looks more white. I'm hoping that Badger will be able to make it over this week to install the recessed medicine cabinets and finish the electrical. They came by this week and measured for the glass for the shower. We should be seeing that get installed either at the end of this week or beginning of next. Maybe we'll even install the toilet this week just for giggles.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Console-ation Prize

Friday was spent on the panelling for the walls. I wanted something really simple and low profile. I think this will be perfect. It's hard to picture now, but once it is painted, I think it will be awesome.

On another exciting note, a special delivery came today...my Pottery Barn double sink console. It's huge! It's a lot bigger than it felt when we mapped it out on the floor with tape in the basement two years ago! Still, I think it will be fine in the space. I love the look of it and it will be awesome to have that much storage space. Brian is particularly excited about the double sink aspect. It was the only thing he would not compromise on in the entire design of the second floor. The pieces are coming together. If we can be done by the end of next week, I'll be thrilled. If things go right over the next couple days, I might even take some time off work to help Brian paint while he's on Spring break.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Picking Out Grout

The tile is DONE! Jess came by to grout the rest of it yesterday. We decided on a light grey so as not to take away from the grey dot in the tile, but to be a little more forgiving than white. We used the same grey on the subway tiles to make them pop just a little bit.

Here's a panorama taken from the corner of the bathroom where the toilet will be. Oh man, if we can just get the wainscoting and paint done, we could slap that toilet in maybe even this weekend. We are so close to seeing major progress I can hardly stand it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Update

All last week I was in Orlando, FL while the bathroom was being tiled. Since I wasn't home to see the progress for myself, Brian would periodically send me photos. You're seeing it as I saw it.





Friday -- It's gonna stay that way!!!

Saturday I came home to this in my bedroom. Not exactly a thrilling sight.
However, I came home to this in my bathroom:

I have to admit that, being the control freak that I am, it was a little disconcerting to be away while the room I have dreamed about for 2 years was coming together, but Brian did a great job stepping in to fill the PM role. Maybe I'll delegate more to him in the future. :) LOL!

This week will be grout, wainscot, medicine cabinets and, if we're lucky, paint. I'd like to have it all ready for the sink console that will be delivered next Monday.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Master Bath Day 2

The curb got poured today and the tiler started putting down the fiber board to adhere the tile to. There were no mishaps and the main water never had to be shut off. :)

Tomorrow -- I love it when the guys will work Saturdays -- they are going to have to get that monstrous tub out of the bathroom again. I think they are planning on bringing a few people to help....They better be burly. Once that's out of here, they'll continue work on the shower pan and maybe, just maybe, lay a few tiles.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Curb Appeal

No, this post is not about exterior paint, pretty shrubbery or a nicely manicured lawn. On the contrary, our exterior has been sorely neglected for the past while. In fact, this is the current state of our porch...or what's left of it. Any day now, it will crumble to bits and be swept away with the wind.

Like dust in the wind, dude.


So are the days of our lives.

Today I'm talking about the shower curb. The beginnings of our new shower started to take shape today. The only mishap was when Jesse, the tiler, hit a water line. :) Apparently, he ran down the stairs faster than anyone Brian had ever seen in search of the water shutoff. Thankfully, Brian was here to point him in the right direction.

I hope this shower will be nice. It should be spacious enough for one person, but ironically, it will be the smallest shower Brian and I have ever had. The biggest shower we have ever had is in the basement and every time I get in there, I have the overwhelming urge to destroy it. If I feel differently about the new shower, we will have succeeded.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Beginning of the End

Could it be that I might actually live to see my master bathroom complete? Badger and company came by today to get the floor prepped for tiling. The first thing they did was rip more ceiling out in the kitchen to shore up the area where the clawfoot tub will be. I'm feeling good about knowing that I won't be relaxing in a nice bubble bath and find myself suddenly in the kitchen...or worse, the basement. :) Having Money Pit flashbacks here.

They also patched the plumber's hack job.

To the right is an example of a recessed area for the shower. We plan to put the basketweave tile at the back of the recessed area with a carerra shelf. To the far right is the hole that was cut today in preparation for my little nook.

Tomorrow, I believe the tiler will be here starting on the curb for the shower as well as putting down the backer board for the floor.