Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 98 - Paint

The paint is on! It feels a million times better to have the main floor back to the state it was before we started this whole thing. The front room and dining room got the same colors that we had on them before. The office was white before we started so we decided to give it a nice grey-green color. It looks great with the new crown molding and walnut floors. They're turning their attention to the exterior now. It looks like we'll be done with the contract with DAYT in around a week to a week and a half. At that point, we'll put the final coat on the floors and then we can move furniture back in. Then we'll finish the upstairs on our own or contract out work ourselves.


Ryan said...

Man oh Man I love the gray and white that looks real nice. And your floors OH MY. They are fantastic. Now just keep Bee from scratching the crap out of them.
I hope everything is good with you sweetheart I know you had a rough day yesterday. We love you and are here for you.
Love Dad

Missletoe said...

Gorgeous! Everything looks perfect.

Andie said...

Did you match the office color to Bee?

Everything LOOKS GREAT!