Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 90 -- Why Walnut?

We got home today and were able to explore the new floors. I am really happy we decided to go with walnut. We went with walnut because we liked the darker color as a whole for one, but what we really love is the variation in colors in each plank. Here is a picture taken with the flash off. This doesn't really show the richness or depth, but it illustrates the variation in colors pretty well.

Here are a few more perspectives: looking from the kitchen into the bathroom, looking into the dining room from the front room, and looking into the office, respectively.

I think Izzypop thinks we just built her a dance studio. A ballerina bar and a wall of mirrors would look great along that far wall.

The last item for today is picking the Trex Decking color for the balcony area. The first color shown is Brasilia Espresso, the second is Brasilia Cayenne, the third is Accents Madeira. The goal here is to, in effect, extend the walnut flooring (which will eventually also be upstairs) out onto the deck
area. The picture doesn't really do the colors justice. I'm leaning toward the first. The second looks pretty good, but it seems to be a little to red for my taste. The third is pretty popular, but it has almost a purple tint to it which I'm not a fan of. It also has a wood texture to it, which I'm not too sure of either. It's hard to tell from the picture here, but the espresso has a wood grain look to it, but it is smooth. It's also pretty dark, which is similar to the floors when you look at them as a whole. What do you guys think?

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Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

I'd go with the first; it's impossible to match the grains, so I'd want to emphasize the difference.